M2B Communications Planning, Specialist of “LoRaWAN™,” Raised Seed Fund led by SORACOM and ABBALab to Debut IoT/M2M Communication Platform Business.

M2B Communications Planning (“M2B” in the following paragraphs, CEO: Tsutomu Tashiro, http://m2b.jp/en/) raised seed investment led by SORACOM (CEO: Ken Tamagawa, https://soracom.io/en/)、ABBALab (Chairman: Osamu Ogasawara, http://abbalab.com/).
M2B is the first to tackle LPWA network ”LoRaWAN™”(※)in Japan and is the first contributor member in Japan of ”LoRa Alliance,” an industry association promoting ”LoRaWAN.” M2B dedicates in establishing ”LoRaWAN” specification for Japan and is going to launch LPWA network POC projects using ”LoRaWAN” for business use.
In this round, M2B received fund from SORACOM and ABBALab in seek of more active promotion and development of the IoT/M2M industry and further activation of the market. Moreover, M2B will collaborate with SORACOM, provider of IoT platform, as strategic partner to forward the business in the future.
M2B is a planning company and our goal is to utilize unlicensed-band to establish a communication platform for IoT/M2M, to achieve “Machine to Business,” using machines to connect things to the network and thus creating new values in business fields. After launching large scale POC projects, M2B will be starting a new service corporation within this year.
※What is LoRaWAN?
“LoRaWAN” is a wireless technology for IoT developed by IBM and semiconductor vendor Semtech. Among many of the next-gen wireless technologies of the 920MHz Sub-GHz band, LoRaWAN caught people’s attention for its low power consuming and long range features.